Cash Management
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The level of banking of a population varies a lot from country to country. In geographies with a lower degree of banking and a strong weight of the parallel economy, the payment of goods and services is made essentially with cash.

The currency received in payment for goods and services need to be counted, transported, kept and managed on a daily basis. As value management has very high costs, it is an imperative challenge for "money owners" to optimize the "cost of money".

This need is particularly important in retail, utilities and financial services markets, so it is essential to develop innovative technological initiatives that allow the "money owners" to optimise the "cost of money" in the following processes associated with securities management.

Unattended SmartCash Platform

Target markets are increasingly looking for automated solutions that enable their employees to focus on business activities, reducing cash handling and improving process efficiency.

Documática´s offer for the market is, the Unattended SmartCash Platform, constituted by solutions and services that allow the optimization of the activities involved in all the processes of value management: The Unattended SmartCash Platform is a global solution, supported on interoperable pillars:

1. Perform a single automatic operation for handling and securitization of values (notes, coins and checks);
2. Simplify and streamline counting, sorting, validation and safekeeping operations (banknotes, coins and checks) through a single automatic operation;
3. Ensure the authenticity, quality and security of the image in check processing;
4. Store data centrally with the maintenance of the historical record of all transactions, allowing: 5. Automate settlement and accounting clearing processes.

Unattended SmartCash is based on 3 Products