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Electronic Signature


Kofax SignDoc is an e-Signature business solution

Allows, in a secure and easy way, the remote signing of contracts and other documents without the need for physical devices
  •  Eliminates operational difficulties resulting from a new "remote working" model, enabling
    • Accelerating the hiring process
    • Reduce the operational costs related with paper handling
    • Ensuring the security of documents through their electronic archive

It is aimed at all market segments, with particular focus on Banking and Insurance, Public and Utility Services where
SignDoc provides a simple and effective digital user experience that will keep the Client and the Organisation safe and without risk of contagion through contact
  • It makes it possible to conclude the contracting process anywhere by signing without paper through a mobile device or a web portal

Main features

Complete and intuitive signature process orchestration Flexibility of means of signature Multiple types of operational environment Easy implementation

Easy integration with existing Document Management and Process Orchestration applications

Main benefits