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ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that allows companies to use the information contained in their systems to create a visual model of their processes and analyze them in real-time in order to identify "bottlenecks” and inefficiencies and predict future results, supporting technology investment decisions.

How it works?

In four steps, the ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence platform gives you the capability to discover and visualize process execution details automatically from your existing data, quickly identify opportunities for improvement, monitor ongoing performance in real-time, and predict future outcomes.

The four steps of ABBYY´s Timeline Process Intelligence platform.
1. Discovering & mapping

Your processes are everywhere and are typically connected and/or recorded in your IT systems. Using advanced algorithms, ABBYY Timeline extracts and reads the time stamps used to record specific events along your processes. The software then visually models these time stamps in such a way that you can instantly identify variations from the ideal process flow to find the root cause of a problem that may be costing your business money.
2. Analysis & optimization

Develop an understanding of process performance based on the actual data. Consider every step completed by every person, and every machine involved in a process – ABBYY Timeline is a platform that can make sense of all that data, with the ability to automatically organize and visually display your entire process end-to-end. With this insight, it becomes easy to identify areas for process improvement – sometimes in places you weren’t even looking
3. Process monitoring & alerting

Identify inefficient variations and set rules for the process. Alert the right staff or automate remediation to ensure processes are functioning properly and eliminate bad processes before they happen with ongoing monitoring of protocols.
4. Process prediction & forecasting

Predict the future process state. Combine process mining with machine learning and artificial intelligence to achieve highly integrated and fully automated insights to forecast processes in their future state, and take action to ensure positive outcomes.

Process Intelligence for various industries: