Documática is a company specialized in the Transformation of Business, Administrative and Financial Support Processes. Our business areas are mainly in the Financial and Insurance markets, Central and Local Public Administration, Trade and Industry

Since 1994, Documática's mission is to design and implement solutions that promote the competitiveness, effectiveness and quality of its clients' organizations, achieving these objectives through Skills in: With a permanent strategy in the development and consolidation of Competencies and our Own Solutions, Documática offers market Solutions and Consulting Services in the following business areas:
1. Payment Systems
i. a Payment Systems [see more]
ii. Information and Reporting to Supervisory Authorities
iii. Cash Automation [see more]
2. Intelligent Automation [see more]
i. Capture and Transformation via OCR / ICR / IWR
ii.: Digital Archive and Document Management
iii. Workflow/BPM Systems for Automation and Orchestration of Business Processes
3. ICT Consulting Services [see more]
4. Outsourcing services [see more]
Externalisation of Information Technologies,
ii. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).
Documática´s solutions are based on intensive technology, in order to promote the reengineering of processes through the virtualization of processing flows and minimization of the manipulation of documents.