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Value Management has very high costs, so it is essential to develop innovative technological initiatives that allow "money owners" to optimize the "cost of money" in all processes associated with value management.

The SmartCash Platform - global systems for the automation and dematerialization of securities management processes - is a global and innovative offer focused on retail commerce, utilities, and financial services, with which the "money owners" find attractive answers to the challenge of optimizing the "cost of money".

The SmartCash Platform provides technological solutions for all processes associated with value management:

1.    Reduction of operational costs:
2. The anticipation of the availability of funds in bank accounts by improving the financial conditions of the amounts deposited;

3. Optimization of value management processes through automation of clearing and settlement accounting and financial tasks;

4. Optimization of the processes of value monitoring (real-time information of the position of values in each store) and maintenance and technical assistance of the solution.

The SmartCash Platform is composed of the following products: