Intelligent Automation
Document Management and Process Automation
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Documática's document management platform and document process automation have as main objectives:

1.    To provide the operational, administrative and financial support services with the technical and operational conditions that allow them to carry out the dematerialization and management of documentary processes, namely at the level of: 2.    Rationalize employee activities by increasing the effectiveness and quality of services;

3.    Optimize the operational and administrative and financial support functions in four axes of value: 4.    Complement Core Business Information Systems promoting operational excellence: Responding to the identified objectives, the document management and process automation platform was developed to "capture, transform, update, store, access and distribute information.”

Documática´s document management and process automation platform.

The Documática´s management and process automation platform is composed of:

1.    Document scanning and indexing system;

2.    Process workflow system;

3.    Digital archive system and document search.